In a political climate that too often focuses on national policy issues, candidates, and politicians, the conversation over important local community issues has sadly diminished. The media, voters, and other political organizations makes the top-of-the-ballot candidates and issues the main priority while little attention goes towards down-ballot candidates and issues – candidates and issues that most impact our lives on a daily basis.

  • Since BTRO’s inception, we have prided ourselves on informing our members and voters in our communities about all candidates, races, issues, and recent political developments, but at a time when political divisiveness, even in our own party, is at the forefront, we as an organization are looking to evolve and make BTRO the most inclusive, diverse, engaged, and localized Republican organization in Illinois.
  • People move to Barrington Township for the strong community and family values that our residents share. They move here because of our great schools, thriving neighborhoods, active civic organizations, and welcoming lifestyle. It is these important Barrington Township values that BTRO seeks to promote.
  • Simply put, we are an organization focused on our community. Our members bring a diverse range of ideologies, backgrounds, and experiences to our meetings, held at convenient times and locations. We advocate for local issues that improve our quality of life, emphasizing local races at the bottom of the ballot such as municipal, township, school board, and library leadership. And we are an organization that encourages inclusivity and open-mindedness on all issues and matters that are important to our members and communities.

The Barrington Township Republican Organization is YOUR local Republican organization.

Join us as we promote our shared Conservative-based principles and beliefs.


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PO Box 3841 Barrington, IL 60011-3841