What is a Precinct Captain?

Precinct captains are a critical part of campaign outreach and voter turnout. You can make the difference in our local, state, and national elections. Below please find the duties of a Cook County Precinct Captain:

  • Get to know your precinct.

  • Get to know your neighbors/compare lists to voter rolls.

  • Get to know your constituents.

  • Support candidate, township, county and state Republican fundraising efforts.

  • Promote good government by supporting Republican elected officials (annual township meetings, letters to the editor, radio, social media, etc.)

  • Attend GOP meetings and conventions.

  • Get to know your elected officials so that you can call them for information or to help people in your precinct.

  • Recruit and recommend election judges.

  • Review walk sheets during the election season.

  • Distribute literature and make phone calls during election season.