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Community Survey on Referendum 2024

Choose Tax Increases from:
$0, $170, $221 or $289 per year *

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(5/8/24) This is the final phase of Barrington 220’s community engagement efforts being conducted in 2024 to engage in a conversation regarding facility needs at our schools. There are 3 construction options and an opt-out choice ranking 1-4. Thank you for participating in this important process to help determine the path forward together. All D220 residents should complete the questionnaire here

* Based on a $500,000 home. 

Illinois Democrats Fail to Take Action to Invest in Kids Scholarship Program

Barrington Township Republican Organization President, Edgar Alvarado states, “It is too bad that the IL Democratic Senators and Representatives are putting special interest groups like the Chicago Teachers Union before underprivileged kids who are looking for a better education in safe schools with more opportunity for student success. READ MORE HERE

5 facts They Don’t Want You to Know About Illinois’ 2023 Student Test Results – Wirepoints

A quick glance at the Illinois State Board of Education’s new 2023 Illinois Report Card will leave you thinking things are relatively good in Illinois’ schools. The board’s press release says “families should be proud of the remarkable progress we see.”  It claims the “2023 Illinois Report Card shows strong progress with increased proficiency rates and highest graduation rate in 13 years.” And the subtitle goes on: “​Improvement in many indicators led by gains for black students.” 

But Wirepoints has analyzed the 2023 data and found there’s little to cheer about. Yes, 2023 student outcomes are somewhat improved over 2022, but they are still below pre-covid 2019 levels. And that’s despite a whopping $6 billion increase in operating expenses statewide. READ MORE HERE

District 220 Enrollment Numbers Continue to Decline

“At the Oct. 17 Board meeting, the Board heard an update on student enrollment numbers in Barrington 220. Thirty days into the 2023-24 school year, the district’s total enrollment was 8,043 students, which is a decrease of 178 students compared to last school year. 

This decrease aligns with the results of a demographic study the district conducted in 2022 with demographer Dr. John Kasarda. Dr. Kasarda’s report anticipates a decrease in student enrollment over the next couple of years, followed by an increase. READ MORE HERE

District 220 Board Plans to Seek Community Feedback About New Fine, Visual & Performing Arts Spaces at BHS

At the October 17 Board meeting, the Board continued its discussion about possibilities for new fine, visual, and performing arts spaces at Barrington High School. The design work for these new spaces was an identified project within the $147 million dollar referendum that Barrington area voters approved (were sold) in 2020. The cost to build these new spaces was not included in the referendum.

The Board is considering Concept Option 2, which was one of the three options architects presented to the Board at its Oct. 3 meeting.  READ MORE HERE

D220 Barrington: Filter Adult Obscene/Porn Content & SB818 Opt Out

We are D220 families, community members, taxpayers and concerned citizens who care deeply about the school district. D220 has had a reputation as a “destination” district where parents sacrifice to send children to school attracting people from all over the world.  Read More and Sign Petition Here

Radical Sexual Education, Opt-Out Analysis

Via Freedom of Information Act Request (F.O.I.A.), the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) responded a week ago to our public records request for all school responses to the 2022-2023 Personal Health and Safety and Sexual Health Education Survey. This survey was issued for the last 2 school years and will be issued for 3 more years. - Read More Here

Barrington Elementary Lines School in Barrington Earns Blue Ribbon Award

Barrington 220 is proud to announce Arnett C. Lines Elementary School has been named among the very best schools in the nation, through the U.S. Department of Education’s 2023 National Blue Ribbon Award recognition. Arnett C. Lines is one of only 20 schools across Illinois and 353 schools nationwide to be honored with this prestigious recognition. - READ MORE HERE

Five Tips for Fighting a Woke School Board

Conservative parents who want to fight the culture war on the home front need to look no further than school boards. While great strides have been made in the last three years - Read More Here

Support School Choice for Kids

The Illinois Democrats have turned our public schools into nothing more than campaign headquarters for them. Places where arbitrary areas of study have overtaken fundamentals, and where bureaucrats have more access to students than the parents of the students themselves. - READ MORE HERE 

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