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Upcoming Event: October 5th - The SAFE-T ACT and how it will affect Barrington

You're invited to a special community event in Barrington Township, where we are bringing together experts and community members to discuss Public Safety. This event aims to engage with the members of our community across the political spectrum to join the conversation. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Safe Suburbs USA PAC

is hosting a panel on Keeping Retailers and Residents Safe in the Suburbs on Monday, September 18th at Maggianos in Oak Brook. More info on Facebook:


Illinois SAFE-T Act: New law is a 'get out of jail free card,' former prosecutor says

The SAFE-T Act is a 700-page bill that reforms Illinois’ criminal justice system in many ways, including increasing police oversight and supporting crime victims. - READ MORE HERE

Ending cash bail could bring ‘chaos,’ increased taxpayer costs, opponents warn

(The Center Square) – The end of cash bail in Illinois begins Sept. 18, but the debate over whether the measure will lead to better public safety continues.

As part of the Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act approved in early 2021, the end of cash bail was approved with a delayed implementation date. The law has been modified several times since. READ MORE HERE

IL Auto Insurance rate increases with major carriers an average of 18% to 20% in 2022/2023.

Texting and driving, legalizing marijuana and giving illegals permanent Driver’s Licenses cause an increase in accidents in IL and massive rate increases with auto insurance policies.  Don’t let them tell you it is just the cost of parts to repair cars and trucks. READ MORE HERE

Gov. Pritzker passes Bill Allowing Illegals to become police officers


Illegals and Immigrants Eligible for Permanent Driver’s Licenses with the State of IL


Illinois sheriffs brace for fallout of 'America's most dangerous law' after state supreme court ends cash bail


What happens when cash bail ends in Illinois?

In other states, narrower attempts have succeeded but debate goes on -

McLaughlin on $4 million Illinois EPA funding: Barrington 'will receive important assistance in supplying our residents with safe drinking water